Men's Folio Singapore Cover
Men's Folio

For over 16 years, MEN’s FOLIO has been Singapore's premier men’s magazine providing definitive coverage of fashion, style and culture. With a regional reach encompassing Malaysia and Indonesia, the magazine's impactful shoots and features from a stable of award-winning writers makes it a style bible. MEN’S FOLIO reaches an influential and affluent audience. The definite platform for all fashion and luxury brands looking at reaching opinion leaders and discerning consumers.

Editions: Singapore / Malaysia / Indonesia


World of Watches Cover
WOW (World Of Watches)

WOW is the best established, most widely read and most respected watch magazine in South East Asia. Published in 5 important markets - Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Vietnam - WOW is committed to providing its affluent and discerning readers with the most specific and detailed information about the best in watches and watchmaking, key trends, latest innovations and the talented men and women behind the timepieces. A must read for watch collectors and watch aficionados.

Editions: Singapore / Malaysia / Hong Kong / Indonesia / Vietnam


L'Officiel Cover

L'Officiel magazine has been published in Paris since 1921. L'Officiel launched the careers of designers including Pierre Balmain, Cristobal Balenciaga, Christian Dior, and Yves St. Laurent; the magazine became "the Bible of fashion and of high society". L’Officiel is today the essential fashion and beauty read for the chic, successful, affluent and independent woman. L’Officiel has 12 international editions worldwide and is targeted at upper-income, educated women aged 25 to 45. The magazine is a reference in the fashion world. Its editorial content is focused on fashion, beauty, watches, jewellery and art.

Edition: Singapore


FORM Cover
Form / Room

FORM in Singapore and ROOM in Malaysia provide exclusive access to the region’s most beautiful homes and the fascinating people who live in them. It brings its audience a wealth of information on architecture and interior design, art, travel destinations, and extraordinary products. Every two months, FORM and ROOM inspire wealthy and sophisticated readers to redesign and refresh their lives.

Editions: Singapore / Malaysia


Art Republik Cover
Art Republik

ART REPUBLIK is Singapore’s premier quarterly magazine for the art lover, celebrating the language of art. It aspires to be a platform for artists, curators and critics to express their insights on the world of art. Engaging the art lover in intellectually stimulating dialogues on art, history and popular culture, ART REPUBLIK aims to create meaningful exchanges between established and emerging artists, collectors and the art community. Our sections on the newest art exhibitions and fairs will also showcase the fresh and diverse views of art practitioners in various forms such as architecture, literature, fashion, film, and so forth.

ART REPUBLIK’s features on the newest art trends in Asia and the international arena will also be our endeavour in giving voice to celebrated artists who work in traditional mediums as well as daring practitioners of various experimental genres. ART REPUBLIK will also be the quintessential guide to the art scene in Asia and around the world, showcasing the latest offerings from museums and galleries.

Editions: Regional, covering the Asia-Pacific region and the region’s key capital cities (Singapore, Jakarta, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Beijing, Manila, Sydney, Melbourne)


Palace Cover

PALACE magazine is a leading high-end real estate publication circulated four times a year throughout the Asia-Pacific region with a specific focus on the region’s key capital cities. PALACE features unique properties, all for sale, whether in Asia, in the Americas, in Australia or in Europe. Each property is presented in great details and the asking price indicated. It makes PALACE the ultimate high-end real estate bible for HNWI and investors across the Asia-Pacific region.

PALACE is the ultimate platform to feature the most outstanding properties and estates available for sale to a discerning HNWI audience. PALACE is the partner of all major property as well as yacht shows around the region as well as a preferred media partner of the acclaimed Hainan Rendez Vous event, China’s leading luxury annual gathering.

Editions: Regional, covering the Asia-Pacific region and the region’s key capital cities (Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Shanghai, Beijing, Sydney, Melbourne)


WOW Jewellery Cover
Men's folio Shoes

Start your new year on the right foot with Men’s Folio Shoes, an annual year-end supplement featuring the most coveted and compelling names in the footwear business. Follow us on an informative trek behind the artisanal makings of gorgeous formal dress shoes, and take a sneak peek into the brilliantly creative minds of the industry’s top shoe designers. Revel in the beautifully curated visuals highlighting the must-have shoes of the season. This is the only sole companion you’ll need each coming season!


WOW Jewellery Cover
WOW Jewellery

WOW JEWELLERY, written and produced by the respected team & experts behind WOW magazine, is published once a year and looks at watches made specifically for women. This special issue contains reports on the latest creations by the world’s leading watch makers and high-end jewelers. WOW JEWELLERY is the must read for all women interested in complicated movements, diamond paved watches as well as jewellery inspired watches.

Editions: Singapore / Malaysia


L'Officiel Hommes Cover
L'Officiel Hommes

The Singapore edition of L’OFFICIEL HOMMES is dedicated to the luxury lifestyle of today’s stylish and discerning men. This bi-annual publication (published every April and October) features trending articles, sharp reportages and comprehensive style guides of various men’s classics. L’OFFICIEL HOMMES is the definitive style guide for the modern man of discernment.